Dylan rolls on like a rolling stone

Challenges are aplenty for Dylan Megaw, but the final-year creative arts student is not fazed by them, he just rolls on. On the autism spectrum, Megaw has had trouble expressing himself in times gone by, but the roles a filmmaker: acting, writing, directing and designing creativity, has allowed him the expression which he has longed for.

These skills are evident in his sole Mobius piece, a short film entitled Radiance + Requiem. The film explores the challenges the earth itself has as it attempts to recover from nuclear annihilation. Opting for a Kubrickian approach, utilising cinematography, visuals and music to tell the story, Megaw explores the relationship between destruction and creation, zeroing in on a world of science. Megaw’s exploration of the world’s rebirth and in part can be interpreted as a commentary on the current state of world events.

Lasting roughly ten minutes, the film which was entirely self-funded by Megaw highlights the lengths to which young, unknown and unproven filmmakers must go to if they are to be noticed. What the financial cost of the film doesn’t reveal, is the number of hours, late nights and stress that goes into the making of the film. A positive attitude can only take you so far, though Megaw is more focused on how he responds to setbacks than the actual setback itself. No two setbacks are identical, but Megaw makes them as he adopts the same coping mechanism to each one.

With a namesake in legendary Rockstar Bob Dylan, Megaw is no stranger to the infectious, passionate, creative approach to the arts. A hunt for emotional and knowledgeable clarity keeps Megaw at the top of his game. Mobius will provide Megaw with the chance to further his ambition of becoming an established actor, writer, and filmmaker, as well as the chance to gain experience, network with people in the film industry and the exposure of his work to a public audience.

Keeping sight of where he wants to be, Megaw keeps his focus on the big picture. Every day brings forth an exciting challenge, one he is eager to conquer, while the thought of adding happiness to people’s lives just one of the motivations that drive him forward. The man knows that a comeback is only as good as the initial setback. A career in filmmaking is a real possibility for Megaw, and one that is potentially only a few good short films away, the question is how long is it going to take?

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